Furniture removalists busy in Grovedale

September 4, 2014

Spring auctions have started early and the demand for Grovedale removalists is already on the rise as sale settlements come through and buyers move into new homes and vendors head off to new destinations.

Our furniture removals teams are getting busier by the day and although removals can be hard work, the combination of spring sunshine, blossoming new growth in Grovedale gardens and the excitement of buyers moving into their new homes all add up to a pretty good job.

Make no mistake, we love spring and we love being busy in spring but despite our enjoyment of working during the season of new life, there are still the occasional jobs that present problems. One of the most common problems involves households that have either left their packing to the last minute or haven’t really given their packing the attention it deserves. It’s frustrating and difficult to pick up half-packed boxes or boxes that aren’t properly closed and labelled, or to discover drawers  still full of clothes and glasses, plates, cups and valuable breakables not carefully wrapped and protected.

But it’s not just the removalist who struggles with poor packing; it also presents problems for the people moving, particularly when their goods arrive at the other end and nobody knows what is where, and where what goes.

So, to help with your move, we’ve compiled a few packing hints that should make the job that little easier for both the removalists and for the people moving.

Perfect Packing hints

  • Get your packing underway immediately you sell or confirm you are on the move. Pack all those items you rarely use – books and treasures that live in cupboards and dressers and rarely see the light of day.
  • Think about whether you’ll need to book storage space in between moving into your new home and, if you do, organise storage as soon as possible. Work out which items you’ll need to store and label them accordingly. Better still, move some of your goods into storage early so you don’t have to worry about it later.
  • Start hunting for boxes of all sizes. You can buy purpose-built cardboard moving boxes but there are cheaper options available from various sources, including paper recyclers.
  • Make sure you label every box with its contents and which room the contents are from, or which room they are headed.
  • Keep the necessities until last. It’s up to you what you consider necessities but as far as we’re concerned, food and drink are pretty important. Moving is thirsty and hungry work, so make sure you can easily put your hands on the kettle and that you have an esky set aside with milk, tea and coffee and some sandwiches or snacks so you can refuel while you pack. Other necessities can include toothpaste and brushes,  shampoo, deodorant and a change of clothes for everybody. Whatever your necessities are, make sure they’re clearly labelled and you know where they are.
  • If you have young children, make sure you keep aside something to keep them entertained. Kids might get caught up in the excitement of moving for a few minutes but they’ll pretty quickly lose interest and need distracting so you can get on with the work ahead. Colouring books, pencils and crayons set aside in a clearly marked box are a good idea, or you could consider games or even a portable DVD player, if you have such a thing.
  • Make sure you have cleaning equipment set aside. We’d all like to think new homes will be spotlessly clean but that isn’t always the case and sometimes it’s necessary to get out the cleaning rags, mop and broom before unpacking.

We could  fill a book with suggestions to make packing and moving easy but simply get in touch with us and we’ll help organise your move so it goes smoothly and seamlessly. That way your move will be easy and stress-free and you can get on with enjoying your new home.

As for us, we’ll get back to being busy and enjoying the spring weather while helping all those people on the move with their Grovedale relocations.