Waurn Ponds removalists help students

September 5, 2014

Deakin University creates plenty of work for Waurn Ponds removalists as students descend on and depart from the suburb each academic year. With more than 4000 students undertaking various courses at Deakin University – as well as more than 1000 staff – Waurn Ponds thrums with life and the ongoing flow of relocations means there is a constant stream of arrivals and departures from the suburb.

Luckily, most students have mums and dads to turn to for help shifting their gear but sometimes when there’s nobody to turn to or when students have become well and truly entrenched in Waurn Ponds and compiled a houseload of furniture, it’s time to call in the professional furniture removalists. And that’s where we come into the picture. Mount Duneed Removals are the removalists Waurn Ponds students can call on when it’s finally time to pack away the books, pack up the furniture and head home or to new destinations where they can put into practice all they’ve learned.

When it comes to student removals from or to Waurn Ponds, we like to think that no job is too big or too small. If you need to move the contents of a whole house, then we’re here to help. If you need only to move a desk and a chair, we’re here to help. Removals and Waurn Ponds relocations are what we do for a living.

As well as being furniture removalists, we also like to think of ourselves as dispensers of handy advice for movers, and here’s a couple of handy pieces of advice for students on the move.

  • This might seem basic but remember to change your mailing address. Yes, we realise a lot of mail these days is by email, but there are still plenty of items that arrive by regular old snail mail, such as your subscriptions to Marie Claire magazine or PC Gamer. Change your address with all the people and organisations that send you mail, and also organise a short-term mail redirect with Australia Post.
  • Hunt down boxes to pack your books and personal items into. There are plenty of big hardware chains around – you can see one just across the hill from the Waurn Ponds campus – who have oodles of boxes. If you want, you can pay for professional-quality packing boxes, although they’ll put a big dent in your student finances. Once you’ve got your items carefully packed into boxes, make sure you label the box and its contents. Labels make it so much easier to keep track of your goods when packing and unpacking at the other end of your move.
  • If you need storage during breaks in the academic year remember that we offer self-storage options at affordable student prices. Contact us to discuss your requirements and our pricing options.
  • And here’s our final piece of advice for students moving back home or to a new destination. Don’t do your packing alone. You’ve got plenty of mates from university, so call on them to help pack your gear and organise pizza and drinks when the hard work is done.

We enjoy working with enthusiastic young students but we’re also just as happy to work with anybody else needing removalists in and around Waurn Ponds. With more than three decades of furniture removals behind us, we are the professional team for all moves.